Axxa Capital is an independent, partner-owned, advisory firm raising capital for alternative investments

Our staff originate from independent investment firms with deep and long lasting relationships across the institutional investor universe.

Fund placements with secondary advisory services for traditional & alternative investment managers

The firm has extensive experience in implementing market development strategies across a wide variety of investment management solutions. Work is completed carefully with each of our investment managers through a close understanding of their strategies and competitive advantages – 100% privately owned and engaging on a basis that is fully aligned with our clients.

Raising capital to a limited no. of high quality investment managers

We seek highest level of Investment Managers in key alternative asset classes: hedge funds, real assets, private equity, private credit, and real estate. Our goal is help investment organizations build long lasting investor relationships across the institutional universe.

Engaging with a diverse base composed of numerous investors from a variety of backgrounds

Many of these investors have significant industry knowledge, as well as experience that we are able to leverage during the fundraising process. Our staff originate from independent (employee owned) investment firms. We believe that this combination of skills is a key competitive advantage.

UK Facilities Agent

UK Facilities Agent Service for Managers wanting to distribute funds into the UK. When a manager wishes to distribute a fund into the UK it will need to ensure that the rules on ‘Facilities in the United Kingdom’ from the FCA Handbook (COLL 9.4) are complied with. Axxa Capital Ltd. can help funds meet their COLL 9.4 obligations.

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